Asset Recovery, Arrears Collection, Voluntary Surrenders & Terminations, Asset Inspection, Third Party Interviews, Full Investigations

All of the services outlined below are provided Nationwide but our operations stretch into Europe. Some member state countries may not support or even allow repossession of assets as in the UK. JCA Associates are able to inform our clients what the best course of action is for those member states. All of JCA Associates management team have worked in the field which provides the experience needed to be successful in recovering our clients’ assets.


Asset Recovery

Repossession of assets, primarily motor vehicles are carried out damage free by our highly experienced field operatives, who all share the same philosophy which is to treat our customer’s customer as we ourselves would wish to be treated in such circumstances. All operatives abide by strict codes of conduct and work to our exacting service level articles.


Arrears Collection

We conduct arrears collection on accounts under Regulated or Unregulated agreements and can cater for payments arrangements (ATP’s). JCA Associates also offer in house “Credit Control” for those lenders who wish to outsource collections, up to and including the issue of Default and Termination notices. All funds collected are held in a dedicated Client Call Account and remitted within 24hours of cleared receipt from the payment source.


Voluntary Surrenders & Terminations

JCA Associates are particularly successful in this type of casework, which is as a result of our unique personal approach to those people who find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to make a difficult decision. JCA work with them, providing all the information at our disposal so they can best decide the right way forward with the least negative impact on their already difficult circumstances.


Asset Inspection

JCA carry out the most basic of inspections from a simple asset & ID check to full vehicle inspections, including damage appraisal & costing and even, pre-collision value appraisal.


Third Party Interviews

With an increase in this type of case, in addition to simply obtaining a new keeper or Innocent Purchaser Questionnaire, JCA Associates are skilled at obtaining additional information to help lenders form decisions on what action to take in such cases.


Full Investigations

Is it a crime or not? Confining this activity to lost or missing assets, JCA have the expertise to determine whether a matter is criminal or not.

We use our skill and knowledge to carry out investigations to satisfy the criteria required to enable us to make allegations of crime to Police. We assemble full evidence packs and prepare Police statements, including our clients’ loser statements.

This is an area that most in this business shy away from for a variety of reasons, but conversely it is one where we have secured and have had returned many hundreds of thousands of pounds of assets, that our clients’ would have otherwise lost!

Fees Structure

Clearly, fees will differ for each client, determined by many factors not least of which is case volume. In brief, JCA Associates fees are built around the industry standard of phase one, two and three type cases and have a basic fee structure that is available on request.

Movement to Auctions or others such places of sale or distribution is usually inclusive up to an agreed distance and charged per mile thereafter.

Specialist recovery and transport is available throughout the UK, normally re-charged at cost.

We are happy to negotiate and pay charges such as storage or Police pound release fees on behalf of our clients, which will be re-charged at cost.

Wherever possible, for vehicles recovered without a valid MoT test or without keys, we will seek a cost effective solution BEFORE moving to auction, thereby saving our clients considerable costs and inconvenience. We ask only reimbursement of those costs incurred.


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